For Flammables in Safety Cans
Keep flammable liquids close to the work area in a safe and organized way while limiting employee exposure with SECURALL Safety Storage Cabinets. Choose from a large selection of models from 4 gallons to 90 gallons. They are designed to meet safety requirements whenever a job involves the handling of flammable liquids. Smaller cabinets are convenient where space is limited. All cabinets comply with OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA Code 30.

Available Model Numbers
Caster Assembly

Constructd of heavy gauge gavannealed steel; each assembly provides a wide, sturdy base and enables cabinets to be moved from one pair of rigid locking casters and one pair of swivel locking casters. Available in colors to match all SECURALL Safety Cabinet colors.

CA18 (Caster Assembley for cabinets 18" deep)
CA31 (Caster Assembley for cabinets 31" deep)
Weatherproof Flammable Storage

SECURALL Weatherproof cabinets offer the same dependable storage for flammables and combustibles as our standard safety cabinet line with added protection from the elements.

Double-wall cabinets are all-welded, 18-guage construction using galvannealed steel and painted with a weather-resistant, urethane finish that is also resistant to ultra-violet rays. All cabinets feature a sloped roof with a 2 3/4" overhang and interior & exterior astragals that prevent rain penetration, while the flush-mounted stainless steel locking handle resists corrosion. Easily move these cabinets to teh appropriate work location using built-in heavy gauge fork lift channels, and then secure them with fully-welded 7-gauge Bolt-Down Brackets with 7/8" diameter opening.

Available in 30, 45, 60 & 90 gallon capacities with manual and self-closing door styles. Self-closing Safe-T-Doors have fusible links that melt at 165°F allowing the doors to automatically close and latch. Standard color is Yellow.

Available Model Numbers
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