Features and Specifications
Model #4802 Model #4102 DOUBLE-BODY CONSTRUCTION
SECURALL Safes are manufactured utilizing two separate interlocking bodies. A SECURALL Safe's inner body is designed and constructed as a second safe. With a separate continuously welded steel outer body and a continuously welded steel inner body, this safe provides you with twice the protection of standard safes.

SECURALL incorporates a poured and hardened Drystone insulation barrier between all sections of its outer and inner safe bodies. This feature affords fire protection for your valuables and provides a 1700 degrees F/1 hour fire rating.

SECURALL's two door design on its maximum capacity safes provides for easy access to these larger units. By utilizing two doors in its design the SECURALL Safe eliminates the problem of obstructed aisles, safe instability and tipping associated with large single door safes.

SECURALL provides a Group I Rated Manipulation Proof Electronic Combination Lock as a standard on all safes. This high security LaGard digital lock has a fully programmable smooth touch keypad allowing you quick access to your valuables.

Available Models

Model #4001
Model #4001
30 "H x 22"W x 20"D
Exterior colors Interior
Interior Gray
Standard Electronic Combination Lock
Group 1 Rated LaGard Manipulation Proof Electronic Combination Lock

Optional Key Pad Operated Lock
Group 2 Rated Sargent & Greenleaf's Key pad Operated Lock

Omega Point Laboratories
After rigorous fire exposure testing by Omega Point Laboratories, we are pleased to report that all of our safes achieved a 1700 degree F/1 hour fire rating. SECURALL Safes are listed in Omega Point Laboratories Product Directory as FRS (Fire Resistant Safes).

You can rest assured knowing that all SECURALL Safes meet UL's aggressive testing, approval and listing standards as a Residential Security Container.
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