ELS Safe Ice Melt Granular - 25 lb
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For orders West of Mississippi : $59.95
Recommended for use on:
  • office buildings
  • walks
  • drives
  • stoops
  • garages
  • construction sites
  • heliport runways
  • hard to reach areas


  • Urea blend. Will not harm grass or foliage when used according to directions.
  • ELS Safety Ice Melt will safely melt built-up ice and snow at temperatures down to 59 degrees below zero.
  • Contains no rock salt or calcium chloride.
  • Highly concentrated - melts 35 times faster than salt at 1 degree F.
  • Applications work up to 6 hours, less need to reapply.
  • 100% environmentally safe. Will not contaminate ground water.
  • An exclusive formula of ELS Products Corp.
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