Weed control is an issue we deal with on a year round basis but as Spring approaches our awareness becomes heightened and our approaches more agressive.

While many think of weeds as just an unsightly nuisance to be dealt with, weeds can cause major damage to sidewalks, fences and other growth and vegetation. Weeds can also block drainage areas and cause damage to underground pipes and sewage systems. Additional dangers occur when vacant lots and roadsides are overgrown causing fire hazards and impairing drivers visibility. They also can be a breeding ground for insects. (Please see our Insecticide Products.)

What we can't prevent we can eliminate. ELS Products will help you do this in a responsible and environmentally safe manner.

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BarrenNon-selective herbicide. Our most powerful and long lasting. Ready to use
VacateNon Selective -Voc- compliant herbicide with bromacil and 24D. Ready to use
Eliminator Concentrated. Aquatic/Land non-selective weed control. Contact kill*
Triple Threat Selective herbicide. Combination of MCPP, 2, 4-D, and 2, 4-D concentrate.*
Turf King Non-selective emulsifiable concentrate with Prometon. Mix 10 to 1 with water.
Weed Easy Non-selective granular total kill herbicide for weeds and vegetation.*
Zap-It Ultimate Concentrated liquid weed control. Non-selective 18% Glyphosate. Compare to Roundup.

Liquid Fertilizer20-2-3 with controlled release nitrogen
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