Latex and Vinyl. Medical Grade, Industrial Grade, Lightly Powdered or Powder Free

Clute Pattern & Knit Wrist; Gunn Pattern, Safety Cuff; Gunn Pattern, Double Palm; Premium Gunn Pattern; Gunn Patterns & Gauntlets; Special Purpose; Washable Duck Cuff

Once piece back. Fully Lined & Welted. Soft Cotton Sock Lining. Many styles available in Left and Right Hand Only.

Gunn Cuffs, Slip-On Styles, Shirred Elastic Backs, Thinsulated Linings

Lined or Un-lined; Unsupported

Smooth, Foam & Jersey Lined; Smooth, Interlock Lining; Semi-Rough Grip; Sandpaper Grip, Interlock Lined; Jersey Lined; Double Dipped Finish; Yellow Smooth and Semi-Rough Grip; Green, Jersey Lined, Sandpaper Grip

Canvas; Jersey; Hot Mills; Strings
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