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MG121 with CA18 Optional Caster Assembly

Convenient Work Station Storage
Complies with OSHA requirements

Store your portable medical gas cylinders safely and in compliance with OSHA requirements.

NFPA Code 99 - Health Care Facilities - 1999 Edition
NFPA Code 101 - Life Safety - 2000 Edition
NFPA Code 30 - Flammable and Combustible Liquids - 2003 Edition

  These lockable storage cabinets limit access to authorized personnel, protecting cylinders from theft, damage, or tampering.  The heavy-gauge, double-walled construction shields your cylinders from heat, sparks and flame, and separates them from flammable and combustible materials.  Designed for D- and E-size cylinders up to 33-3/4" long x 4 1/4" diameter.

Storing Full, Partial & Empty Cylinders - Are you in compliance??

Improper storage of medical gas cylinders poses a number of hazards to patients and staff. The National Fire Protection Association's regulation NFPA 99-1999 section 4- mandates requirements for storing nonflammable gas cylinders. The Joint Commission requires compliance with the NFPA requirements under Environment of Care standards EC.02.06.01, EP 1 and EC.02.03.01, EP 1.

Segregate cylinders: The Joint Commission requires organizations to segregate full, partial and empty cylinders by physically separating and clearly labeling the cylinders. Once a cylinder valve is opened, it is considered empty, even if gas remains in the cylinder. For storage purposes, any opened cylinders must be physically separated from full (unopened) cylinders.

ELS Products offers separate product lines to store Full, Partial, and Empty Cylinders. Optional adjustable divider is available to segregate cylinders for 9-12 and 21-24 cylinder storage cabinets.

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Storage Cabinets
Fire-Lined with 5/8" Type X Gypsum Panel

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Designed specifically to meet the requirements of
NFPA Code 99 Standard for Health Care Facilities 1999 Edition
NFPA Code 30 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code 2003 Edition


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Our flammable storage cabinets for oxygen gas cylinders are available in:

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Complies with OSHA regulations designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. 


* Locking castors now available
for ultimate mobility!

Oxygen Storage Cabinet Accessories

MG-Digital, Digital Keypad Lock; Approx Ship Wt. 5-lbs.

MG-Label-Empty Magnetic Empty Label for MG Cabinets. Left & Right Arrow Labels sold separately.
MG-Label-Partial Magnetic Partially Full Label for MG Cabinets. Left & Right Arrow Labels sold separately.
MG-Label-Full Magnetic Full Label for MG Cabinets. Left & Right Arrow Labels sold separately.
Left Arrow Magnetic Left Arrow Label for MG Cabinets.
Right Arrow Magnetic Right Arrow Label for MG Cabinets.

MG-Divider-9 Adjustable Full, Partial & Empty Cylinder Divider for 9-12 D, E cylinder storage cabinet.

MG-Divider-21 Adjustable Full, Partial & Empty Cylinder Divider for 21-24 D, E cylinder storage cabinet.

CA18 Caster Assembly (Factory Installed); 2 Rigid, 2 Swivel; Adds 4" to Height of cabinet; Approx Ship Wt. 30 Lbs.

Chapter & Gas Equipment

8-3.1.11  Storage Requirements
 - Storage for nonflammable gases greater than 3000 ft3 (85 m3) shall comply with 4- and 4-
 -  Storage for nonflammable gasses less than 3000 ft3 (85 m3)

  1. Storage locations shall be outdoors in an enclosure or within an enclosed interior space of noncombustible or limited-combustible construction, with doors (or gates outdoors) that can be secured against unauthorized entry.
  2. Oxidizing gases, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide, shall not be stored with any flammable gas, liquid, or vapor
  3. Oxidizing gasses such as oxygen and nitrous oxide shall be separated from combustibles or incompatible materials by either:
  1. A minimum distance of 20 ft. (6.1m), or
  2. A minimum distance of 5ft (1.5m) if the entire storage location is protected by an automatic sprinkler system designed in accordance with NFPA 13, Standard for the installation of Sprinkler Systems, or
  3. An enclosed cabinet of noncombustible construction having a minimum fire protection rating of one-half hour for cylinder storage.  An approved flammable liquid storage cabinet shall be permitted to be used for cylinder storage.
  1. Liquefied gas container storage shall comply with 4-
  2. Cylinder and container storage locations shall meet 4- with respect to temperature limitations.
  3. Electrical fixtures in storage locations shall meet 4-
  4. Cylinder protection from mechanical shock shall meet 4-
  5. Cylinder or container restraint shall meet 4-
  6. Smoking, open flames, electric heating elements, and other sources of ignition shall be prohibited within storage locations and within 20ft (6.1) of outside storage locations.
  7. Cylinder valve protection caps shall meet 4-

8- Signs
 - A precautionary sign, readable from a distance of 5 ft( 1.5m), shall be conspicuously displayed on each door or gate of the storage room or enclosure.  The sign shall include the following wording as a minimum:

Models included: MG102, MG102FL, MG104, MG104FL, mg304, mg304fl, mg109, mg109fl, mg309, mg309fl, mg121, mg121fl, mg321, mg321fl, mg106h, mg106hfl, mh306h, mh306hfl, mg109h, mg109hfl, mg309h

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