8 Cylinder Flammable Storage Cabinets for Portable Medical Oxygen Systems

Design, Features, and Construction
  • Labels: Large warning label and product information label made of solvent-resistant, pressure-sensitive vinyl with self-adhesive backing. Red lettering on yellow background.

  • Door: Self-latching, standard door. Hung by #10-16 x 3/4" SMS, evenly spaced.

  • Handle: Locking, flush-mounted paddle handle with 2 brass keys. The handle activates a 3-point self-latching arrangement which consists of 3 spring latches connected by steel rods. The handle is carbon steel with a black powder finish. Access plate to handle assemble. Access plate to handle assembly is attached by (4) #8 x 1/2" black SMS.

  • Hinges: 18 gauge cold-rolled steel continuous type hinges. Brass hinge pin will be used on request for outside or damp areas.

  • Legs: Adjustable steel leveling legs; 3/8" - 16 x 2" lg., zinc plated. 4 per cabinet.

  • Sill: Liquid tight door sill 2" above bottom of cabinet. Electrical arc welded.

  • Shelves: Galvanized steel shelves adjustable on 1/2" centers. Load capacity 200 lbs. each. Each shelf supported by 4 shelf supports. Shelf standards are attached by spot welds.

  • Vents: 2" NPT vents will accept 2" NPT plugs, which are removable to accept 2" NPT nipples of ventilating system. Each vent contains approved steel flame arrester and consists of .040 rd. holes on .088 staggered centers; 23% open area; 179 holes PSI. Tolerance 22-26 gauge.

  • Electrical ground: 3/8" - 18 x 1/2" hex head ground screw. Green plated.

  • Finish: Cabinet is spray painted inside and out with 2 coats of high solids epoxy. The standard color is safety yellow. Red, gray, blue and white are optional colors.

  • Welds: Electrical arc welds as indicated. All other joints and seams are held by resistance spot welds and continuous electric arc welds.

  • Material: Except where noted, construction throughout is of 18 ga commercial quality CRS. Double-walled with 1-1/2" air space: top, bottom, sides, back, front and doors.

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