Door Styles

Standard Self-latching Standard 2-Doors

Self-Close, Self-Latch Sliding Door

Selft-Close, Self-Latch Safe-T-Door

SECURALL utilizes a 3-point, non-sparking button latch rod system that provides the ultimate in security,safety, and compliance. Not all work surfaces are level, therefore each cabinet is equipped with (4) Leveling Legs to level the cabinet and doors for successful closure every time.

Additionally, all Self-Close Door models are equipped with Fusible Links to hold doors open while accessing contents of cabinet. Links are designed to melt at 165°F so doors will automatically close in case of fire when properly used.


The Standard Door model has a full piano hinge that will latch when door(s) are shut.

The Sliding Door model has a spring-loaded hydraulic controlled closer to employ OSHA 8 second Pinch-Point Regulation. Each sliding door cabinet comes with a fusible link to hold the door open during cabinet use. Fusible link will melt at 165 for automatic closure in case of fire.

The Safe-T-Door closure has not only a hydraulic cylinder to automatically close the door(s), but a built in pivot plate and safety mechanism allowing for an 8 second delay once the cylinder is engaged. Known as the OSHA Pinch-Point Regulation, this delay allows for removal of employee engagement from the doors before they close.


The interior and exterior finish consists of an aliphatic polyurethane finish. This polyurethane coating has chemical properties to withstand salt spray, chemical rub, fading due to UV exposure, and other test performed to epoxy paints. Urethane is more durable under conditions when moving items in and out of the cabinet as it resists chipping and peeling. Unless some other color is specified, cabinets will ship in designated standard color. For custom colors, customer must provide a paint chip.

Containment Classifications

A maximum of 120 gallons of Class I, Class II, and Class IIIA liquids may be stored in a single storage cabinet. The number of cabinets in a single fire area may not exceed 3. Proper storage of additional cabinets within a single fire area is limited to groups no larger than 3, so long as a minimum of 100ft separation exists between all groups. The maximum number of cabinets in any one group may be increased to 6 if the cabinets are stored in an Industrial Occupancy facility that is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system meeting NFPA 13 standards for installation.

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