Attached to any air source or filter panel, the Remote CO Monitor alerts workers using supplied air respirators when the level of carbon monoxide has exceeded 10 ppm. The CO monitor can be operated in AC or DC mode and uses a single 9-volt alkaline battery. Maximum regulator inlet pressure is 150 psi.

  • Part No. 9871-02

The Remote CO Alarm System uses a 50' cable to go with workers into the work area and effectively warn of the presence of carbon monoxide in the air source with a 90 decibel alarm, and in very noisy environments, a flashing strobe light. The system is housed in a rugged Pelican carry case or may be wall mounted, and attached to any Allegro Air Filtration Panel.

  • Part No. 9871-01

This Point-of-Attachment (POA) Air Control System connects to any breathing air source. It's housed in a Pelican carry case that can be wall-mounted and includes an adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve. This POA system meets NIOSH requirements. Maximum regulator inlet pressure is 150 psi.

  • Part No. 9871-03
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