For centuries the art of magnetic therapy has been used to ease the minor aches and pains of everyday life. All of the Allegro Magnetic Safety Products use or incorporate custom designed bi-polar magnets of high gauss rated material for the deepest penetration and the maximum effectiveness. Our magnetic therapy and support products are designed to put the power of nature's magnetic field to work exactly where you need it. Back, knee, and wrist supports, insoles and powerful Neo-Gold magnets provide a variety of convenient and effective vehicles for relief.

Medical grade elastic and comfortable foam-filled side panels offer serious back support. Add the comfort of magnetic therapy with the 3"x7" magnetic pad made with moisture-wicking Ortho-Wick®. The pad is easily attached with Velcro® strips. Available in three sizes.

  • Small - Prod. No. 8175-MS
  • Medium - Prod. No 8175-MM
  • Large - Prod. No. 8175-ML

The unique design of our Magnetic Back Wrap allows you to place eight 1", 3,950 gauss magnets where they will do the most good. The lightweight, breathable fabric is designed to wick perspiration away from the body for long-wearing comfort. One size fits all.

  • Product No. 8222

This support is lightweight and has the comfort of 2 mil neoprene material. The eight 1" magnets are added to help alleviate pain around the knee joint. The magnets are 3,900 gauss strength for maximum relief. This design and construction allows stability of knee movement with magnetic therapy relief while on the job. One size fits all.

  • Product No. 8106M

Lightweight with the added benefit of five strategically placed 1" 3,900 gauss strength magnets for added comfort and pain relief. The 2 mil thick neoprene material provides comfortable support for weakened ankles. It helps fight swelling and provides protection from potential ankle injury. One size fits all.

  • Product No. 8206M

Sixteen carefully positioned magnets are embedded in these insoles to stimulate your feet as you walk and provide an invigorating massage with each step. Designed to replace your existing insole. Trim to fit. Sold in pairs.

  • Product No. 8MG4G

The extra firm support of eight metal stays assures proper wrist position by limiting up and down movement. Made from nylon elastic and lined with a moisture -wicking fabric to keep hands dry. For greater relief, the 1 1/2" x5" magnetic pad made from moisture wicking Ortho-Wick® fabric fits comfortably under the wrist support where it is needed most. Available in four sizes.

  • Small - Product No. 8212-01M
  • Medium - Product No. 8212-02M
  • Large - Product No. 8212-03M
  • X Large - Product No. 8212-04M

Magnets Ten karat gold plated magnets can be positioned where you need relief most. Made from 12,500 gauss strength neodymium iron boron, these powerful little magnets are designed for small areas. They are attached with the medical grade tape included.

  • Product No. 8224-G
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