Here we feature a complete line of supplied air respirator systems and equipment for workers in confined space and contaminated environments. New for this year is improved Full Mask SAR, and Fully Disposable Hood offering incredible flexibility and ease of use. We now offer complete respirator systems with one, two or three-worker ambient air pumps, MSHA-NIOSH approved continuous flow masks or hoods and air hose. All in one box with one part number. What could be simpler?

Our Full Mask continuous flow supplied air respirator is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. The double sealing flange provides an improved face-to-mask seal and a deep chin pocket provides a better, more comfortable fit. The replaceable polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. A removable hairnet means greater comfort and fits easily under a hard hat. The unique "over the shoulder" hose design clips at the collar and an adjustable belt holds the air hose out of the way of work. Comes with OBAC quick connects

NIOSH approval TC-19C-353

  • Part No. 9901 Full Mask Assembly
  • Part No. 9901-25 Lens Cover 25/pkg.
  • Part No. 9901-25B Tinted Lens Covers 25/pkg.

This comfortable half mask offers low pressure, continuous flow protection with the same unique "over the shoulder" hose design and belt as the full face piece respirator. It's durable and easy to use with OBAC quick connects. The low profile design allows it to fit under welding shields. The skirt is made from silicone, is easy to clean and it won't lose its shape in storage.

NIOSH approval TC-19C-355

  • Part No. 9920 Half Mask Assembly

Especially comfortable for bearded workers, the hood style respirator is lightweight and loose-fitting, to fit comfortably over the head. A large clear window offers a wide view and complete protection in dirty environments such as spray painting or asbestos abatement. The convenient disposable design is perfect where respirator cleaning or decontamination is difficult, just remove the down tube and clamp before disposal. Includes OBAC quick connects. For convenience, each replacement hood comes complete with a hood harness.

NIOSH approval TC-19C-331

  • Part No. 9910 Complete Tyvek Respirator Hood Assembly
  • Part No. 9910-10 Replacement Hood with suspension
  • Part No. 9910-25 Lens Covers 10/pkg

Our NIOSH-approved Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood is so unique, it's patented. This hood is designed with the breathing or down tube and head suspension completely integrated so that the hood assembly is constructed into a one-piece instead of the standard three-piece assembly. This eliminates the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts, because the entire hood assembly is disposed of after use. Because the down tube is integrated into the hood, it is maintenance free and completely disposable. Offered in poly-coated DuPont Tyvek®,or Tyvek laminated with saran, it is flexible, splash resistant and seals in the air flow. The breathing tube incorporates a multi-layer sound dampening system made up of foam extending up inside the hood that prevents the tube from being crushed or twisted during use. It allows the system to meet stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood. The disposable hood brings air down across the lens which minimizes fogging and brings air to the breathing area. A large viewing window provides a wide field of vision and its generous size makes it perfect for workers with beards or goggles. Its large bib provides splash protection and allows it to be tucked into a suit where it directs air to the body. The disposable one-piece suspension offers easy adjustment with a Velcro® closure and an absorbent foam headband.

A ratchet-style suspension is available as an option.

The Fully Disposable Saran Hood offers effective protection against a broader range of chemicals. It is made of Tyvek fabric that is laminated with saran to offer zero permeability to air and moisture, providing total protection against hazardous materials. The seams are heat tape sealed to form a liquid and gas-tight seal. It is ideal for acid handling, tank cleaning, agricultural pesticide handling, asbestos abatement, chemical handling and hazardous waste management.

  • Part No. 9910-D Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood Assembly with Low Pressure Flow Adapter and suspension
  • Part No. 9911-20 Replacement Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood Assembly w/ suspension
  • Part No. 9910-DS Fully Disposable Saran Hood Assembly with Low Pressure Flow Adapter and suspension
  • Part No. 9911-20S Replacement Universal Saran Hood Assembly w/ suspension
  • Part No. 9910-25 Lens Covers 10/pkg.
  • Part No. 9910-03 Ratchet Suspension

Made of poly-coated Tyvek material, this hood offers the increased protection of two bibs. The inner bib tucks inside protective garments so air flows down for a cooling effect on the body, and the outer bib secures under the arms with Velcro to keep the hood from rising up. The hood feature an extra large lens for better visibility. It offers the same convenient design with the down tube and suspension built in, making the complete hood fully disposable.

  • Part No. 9912-D Double Bib Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood Assembly with Low Pressure Flow Adapter and suspension
  • Part No. 9911-10 Replacement Double Bib Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood Assembly w/ suspension
  • Part No. 9910-25 Lens Covers 10/pkg.
  • Part No. 9910-03 Ratchet Suspension
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