Large (5" x 8"), individually foil-packaged towelettes contain 70% Isopropanol and are designed specifically for rubber respirator face pieces and other personal safety equipment. The box is designed as a dispenser, or can be wall mounted using the holder. 100 towelettes per box.

  • Part No. 1001

For use on respirator face pieces where the manufacturer recommends using a non-alcohol cleaning wipe. Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride. Will not harm even the most sensitive rubber face pieces. 100 towelettes per box.

  • Part No. 3001

Mounts onto wall surfaces for easy use.

  • Part No. 1001-02

Easy to use 6" x 7 1/2" wipes for respirator and other personal safety equipment clean-up. These Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohol wipes reduces the hazard of contamination. 220 per canister.

  • Part No. 5001

Anti-microbial hand wipes. Pre-moistened, 6" x 7 1/2" wipes are safe, gentle and effective clean-ups for hands in food service, or industrial areas. This sanitizer reduces the hazards of cross-contamination and is effective against a broad range of bacteria. 220 wipes per canister.

  • Part No. 5002

Impact resistant ABS holder mounts on the wall to store wipe canisters for quick and easy access.

  • Part No. 5001-01 Wall Mount

For quick and easy ready to use cleaning and disinfecting of personal safety equipment. Non-streaking and fresh lemon scent makes this ideal for industrial environments. Convenient 32 oz. trigger spray bottle. EPA registered.

  • Part No. 5004

Convenient cleaning and storage for full face and half mask respirators. Contains ninety 1/2 oz. packets of water-soluble cleaner, air bulb, bucket, brush, and 100 each sterile storage bags and seals, and large 17 quart, two-sided bucket. Kit meets OSHA recommendations.

  • Part No. 4001 Cleaning Kit
  • Part No. 4001-02 Replacement Soap
  • Part No. 4001-05 Disposable Storage Bags 100/pkg

EPA registered disinfectant/cleaner. Effective against HIV as well as a broad range of bacteria. Excellent for clean-up of environmental surfaces and personal protection equipment such as respirators and ear muffs. One gallon container.

  • Part No. 5003

All the same features as our Respirator Cleaning Kit with added convenience of a concentrated 32 oz. liquid disinfectant soap. EPA registered. Dilute 5 oz. to 1 gallon.

  • Part No. 4002 Cleaning Kit
  • Part No. 4002-02 Replacement Soap
  • Part No. 4001-05 Disposable Storage Bags 100/pkg
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