Provides comfortable protection against overspray and other particulates. Spray Sock fits over the head and can be worn with goggles, half mask or full mask respirators. The stretch knit material is breathable and cool to wear. One size fits all. Available in packages of 12 or a bulk case of 144.

  • Part No. 1410 case of 144
  • Part No. 1410-12 pkg. of 12

Spray Socks are available individually bagged with 12 spray socks in a handy dispenser box.

  • Part No. 1410-01 box of 12

Protect arms from paint overspray, dust and other particles. 16" to 18" long and made of 100% cotton. Provides for a comfortable fit from wrist to shoulder. Available in package of 12 pair or case of 144 pair.

  • Part No. 1440 Case of 144 pair
  • Part No. 1440-12 Pkg.of 12 pair

Protecting head, face and neck from dust, paint or chemicals and minimizing respirator maintenance, this disposable hood is available in polypropylene or Tyvek. The hood wraps around the respirator lens and snaps together underneath the mask's cartridge, nozzle and breathing air tube, covering the user's head and the respirator skirt. 12 per package.

  • Part No. 1412 Polypropylene
  • Part No. 1414 Tyvek
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