Iso Amyl Acetate (banana oil) offers the oldest method of testing respirator fit. Its strong, readily identifiable odor will be recognized if respirators don't obtain a fit. The kit includes all the equipment necessary to perform a proper fit test, including a fit test tent, jars, 8 oz. testing agent, paper towels, disposable bags and other necessary components, all housed in a convenient storage and carry case.

  • Part No. 1410 case of 144
  • Part No. 1410-12 pkg. of 12

For quick fit testing the standard kit contains two 1 oz. bottles of test agent, vinyl test enclosure, measuring pipette, and paper towels in a handy carry bag.

  • Part No. 0202

Provides a fast, safe and easy method to perform qualitative respirator fit check. When activated, the ampules give off a non-irritating odor of banana oil (Iso Amyl Acetate). If banana odor is detected by the wearer, the respirator must be adjusted or replaced. 10 ampules per box.

  • Part No. 0203
  • Part No. 0202-01 8 oz. Replacement Solution
  • Part No. 0203-01 1 oz. Replacement Solution

For qualitative fit testing of air purifying respirators, this Smoke Test Kit offers everything needed for meeting OSHA's protocol for fit testing with smoke. Includes irritant smoke tubes, aspirator assembly, and record form in a protective carry pouch.

  • Part No 2050
  • Part No. 2050-01 Replacement Tubes 6/box

The Deluxe Pump Smoke Test Kit includes a smoke fit tube pump with batteries which generates the required 200 ml per minute of smoke, six smoke tubes with caps, and instructions.

  • Part No. 2055 Kit
  • Part No. 2050-01 Replacement Tubes, 6/box

Creates a concentrated area for qualitative fit testing. The tent features two openings for convenient respirator adjustment. A saturated towelette can be clipped and hung inside the tent when using it for an Iso Amyl Acetate test. Made of nylon reinforced material with a viewing window. 48" high and 24" diameter.

  • Part No. 2060

This kit offers qualitative OSHA-compliant fit testing for disposable and reusable dust and mist respirators. Bitrex creates an unmistakable bitter taste that indicates break through in the respirator fit. Bitrex has been found safer than saccharin tests while producing identical results. New disposable glass ampules make pouring solution into nebulizers easier and reduces the chance of contamination.

  • Part No. 2041 Bitrex Test Kit
  • Part No. 2041-11K Sensitivity solution only
  • Part No. 2041-12K Test solution only

When the sweet taste of saccharin is detected, the respirator has failed its fit test. This kit offers OSHA - compliant testing of disposable and reusable dust and mist respirators. It includes Tyvek hood, two nebulizers, sensitivity and fit test solutions, and instructions.

  • Part No. 2040 Saccharin Test Kit
  • Part No. 2040-11K Sensitivity solution only
  • Part No. 2040-12K Test solution only
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