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Safety Cleaning Tanks
R8 Avoid the fire and explosion hazards of exposed rinsing and cleaning fluids with SECURALL self-closing rinse tanks from 8 to 36 gal. capacities. Made of 22 gauge steel. Tank portion is coated to prevent corrosion. Finished in safety epoxy enamel. Solid end panels and broad base provide stability. 3/4" drain plug in bottom for easy emptying and cleaning. Sediment screen and parts baskets available.
Safety dip and wash tanks in 7, and 11 gal. capacities also available. Tanks have fusible link safety lid that closes automatically in case of fire. Models can be used as dip tank (without baskets) or as wash tanks (with baskets).

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B8 - X8 B20 - X20 T82 - L7 L11, L7, B11, B7
*Complies with OSHA regulations.
FM - Factory Mutual Approved
†All cabinets are designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.
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