General's C58 Series Random Crack Saw is designed to follow irregular crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces. The unit utilizes 8" diameter, dry cut diamond blades in industry standard widths to produce smooth sided cuts to prepare surfaces for proper crack filling. Maximum straight line cutting depth is 1 1/2".

The center mounted blade configuration allows the CS8 to pivot about its own axis to more exactly follow random crack patterns. The extra control affords easier handling than crack saws with side mounted blades. With this unique configuration, extended blade life is realized by minimizing warpage potential. Direct line visibility to the operator helps keep productivity high.

Power is supplied by a variety of industrial class gasoline engines. A propane conversion is also available for confined area where normal exhaust fumes are not permissible. Other standard features include an infinitely adjustable blade height control with a quick release lever and a 3" diameter vacuum port for dust control. If wet cutting is preferred, an optional water mist control system is available.

CS8 with Optional Propane Conversion

Depth Control and Quick Release Lever

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