A tough blend of cloth and foam make these pads extra comfortable and easy to wear in non-abrasive environments. They slip on and off quickly without straps or buckle attachments. Easy to wear over or under trousers, they are lightweight and durable.

  • Part No. 7105

An extra wide foam pad makes this knee pad the most comfortable in the industry. Designed with a tough water-resistant cover and no kneecaps, it is perfect for jobs where protecting the work surface is a primary concern. 1 1/2 inch elastic straps are adjustable and are equipped with Velcro closures.

  • Part No. 6998

Tough abrasion-resistant leather for maximum protection and soft cushion back for comfort. Elastic straps with Velcro closures ensure a secure fit. Because of its resistance to heat and fire this is ideal for welders or any construction application such as concrete work.

  • Part No. 6991

The most cost effective knee pad in dirty, dusty environments. Comes with two fully adjustable straps with Velcro closure for a custom fit. The ABS cap is stitched on for greater strength and won’t allow particles underneath to cause discomfort. Tough poly fabric exterior protects a high density lightweight foam core, and the long pad provides extra comfort.

  • Part No. 6999

Offering the most protection available, our Deluxe QuickFlex is a completely unique knee pad. The large, 3/4" thick pad has a hinge design that provides protection and ease of movement above and below the cap, and a wrap-around design for greater side protection. The large soft rubber cap conforms to the shape of the knee for maximum protection. The double strap system uses 1 1/2" straps with deluxe quick release buckles, and allows for easy adjustment and a snug fit while ensuring greater stability and side protection.

  • Part No. 6990

Tough heat-resistant leather that wraps over the top and down the back of the pad offering maximum protection from flying sparks. Soft cushioning ensures comfort. Elastic straps maintain a secure fit with the convenient quick release buckle. Non-marking polyurethane knee cap increases protection. Because of its resistance to heat, this knee pad is ideal for welders, or any construction application such as concrete or flooring work.

  • Part No. 6991-01Q

This strong support offers abrasion-resistant flexible caps backed by soft foam padding. Fully adjustable Velcro closures along with elastic sleeves provide a comfortable, custom fit. One size fits all. (Per pair)

  • Part No. 7104
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