An economy version of the Standard Blower, this ultra lightweight blower comes in at only 30 lbs. It has a tough metal base and durable ABS housing, and works great with generators.

Free AirOne 90° BendTwo 90° Bends
34 lbs.1/3 hp6A/115V/.25KW

  • Part No 9512

Ideal for areas where a compressor is readily available, this air-driven model requires 30 cfm at 40 psi. It uses an aluminum fan for explosion-proof requirements and includes a steel base and handles, ABS housing, 2-stage filter, regulator, and lubricator.

If used in hazardous environments, use statically conductive ducting.

Free AirOne 90° BendTwo 90° Bends
53 lbs.

  • Part No. 9508

Perfect for remote locations where electricity is unavailable, this gasoline-powered, 3 1/2 hp blower offers high flow rates. The 8" ports and steel guards provide safety and the ABS housing with built-in handle offers durability and convenience. It is designed with a sturdy metal base that minimizes blower walking and offer greater stability. 2 quarts of gasoline will power 2-3 hours of running time. Blower includes 10 foot metal exhaust hose.

Free AirOne 90° BendTwo 90° Bends
44 lbs.3 1/2 Briggs & Stratton (4 Stroke)

  • Part No. 9505

Compressed air or saturated steam is the power source for our Venturi Blower line. Small volumes of high velocity air (from the compressed air source) run through the casting and out the nozzle jets, creating a venturi action or pulling action that creates large volumes of air through the venturi and out the air diffuser.

A 1/2" hose with a “crows foot” connection is recommended from your air supply source to the side inlet connection. The compressor size required can be determined by checking the chart on air consumed at various inlet pressures. Operate this Venturi Blower on air or steam lines limited to 140 psi.

  40 PSIG 60 PSIG 80 PSIG
9518-03S 36SCFM 50SCFM 62SCFM
9518-03 36SCFM 50SCFM 62SCFM
9518-06 73SCFM 98SCFM 124SCFM
9518-08 114SCFM 152SCFM 193SCFM
9518-03S 815CFM 981CFM 1182CFM
9518-03 1017CFM 1231CFM 1482CFM
9518-06 2385CFM 2885CFM 3347CFM
9518-08 3152CFM 4152CFM 4929CFM

Example: When using 9518-03S with air supply 40 PSIG and 36 SCFM, the total outlet air flow will generate up to 815 CFM.

For speed drying of wet carpets, pads, floors and walls, this blower is powerful, durable and lightweight. Available in one and three speed models with four angle-operating positions. Balanced carry handle makes it easy to transport. They're also stackable for convenient storage. UL approved, thermally protected motor with safety circuit breaker and 25' water resistant cord.

Part No. 9519-01 One SpeedPart No. 9519-03 Three Speed
Dimension: 21"h x 20"w x 19"dDimension: 21"h x 20"w x 19"d
Weight: 31 lbs 1/3 hpWeight: 24 lbs 1/2 hp
Power Supply: 115V/60hz/1ph 2200 CFM 4.2APower Supply: 115V/60hz/1ph 2500 CFM 6.0A

Made of durable vinyl polyester in 8" or 16" diameters and designed for rugged use. It is constructed with vulcanized external strips, steel reinforced wire hoop, and cuffed with an attachment belt. Available in statically conductive material.

  • Part No. 9500-35 Storage Rack for 8" Ducting
  • Part No. 9500-06 6' of 8" Ducting
  • Part No. 9500-15 15' of 8" Ducting
  • Part No. 9500-25 25' of 8" Ducting
  • Part No. 9500-15EX 15' of 8" Statically Conductive Ducting
  • Part No. 9500-25EX 25' of 8" Statically Conductive Ducting
  • Part No. 9600-36 Storage Rack for 16" Ducting
  • Part No. 9600-25 25' of 16" Ducting
  • Part No. 9600-15EX 15' of 16" Statically Conductive Ducting
  • Part No.9600-25EX 25' of 16" Statically Conductive Ducting

For easy storage and transportation. Coated nylon bag with cylinder shape for tight controlled fit will hold 8" duct, up to 25'. Features double zipper for ease of access, reinforced carry handle and shoulder strap.

  • Part No. 9500-45

Taking up a minimum amount of space, the Saddle Vent® allows workers easy access in and out of confined spaces. Ducting can be attached to the top and bottom of the Saddle Vent® which comes in a tank version or manhole style.

SADDLE VENT® is a registered trademark of Air Systems International, Inc.; the SADDLE VENT® device is protected by U.S. Patent Nos.4,794,956,4,982,653, and foreign patents.

  • Part No. 9510 Manhole style
  • Part No. 9511 Tank style

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