Specially designed for use where there is a need to move posts frequently and where there is limited storage space, RollaBarrier is ideal for airports, busy conventions halls, train stations, and other busy locations.

Each post comes with wheels cleverly mounted in the base, allowing posts to be effortlessly rolled into position.

Even better is the built-in docking system (patent-pending), so that three to four posts can be nested and wheeled along together. No need for a cart! RollaBarrier: It's on the move.

ADA & UFAS Compliance. Model RG1 complies with ADA/UFAS 4.4.1 regarding protruding objects.

Available Finishes. Both RollaBarrier and RollaGuide posts come standard in either 73 Gray Hammertone or 89 Black Wrinkle finishes. Other finishes available upon request.

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How to Order TollaBarrier and RollaGuide

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