Shown below are 24 of the most common post and tape combinations (including their respective part numbers) for 800 Series TensaBarrier posts. If you don't see a standard combination that fits your decor, you may create your own from the stock colors and finishes.

890-1P/1P-21 890-1P/1P-23 890-1P/33-33-32 890-1S/1S-43 890-3S/3S-23 890-4A/4A-33-32
Polished Chrome Post & Head/Red Tape Polished Chrome Post & Head/Blue Tape Polished Chrome Post/Black Head/Black Tape with White Stripe Satin Chrome Post & Head/Maroon Tape Satin Stainless Steel Post & Head/Blue Tape
Clear Anodized Post & Head/Black Tape with White Stripe

890-2PC/2PC-28 890-2S/2S-29 890-4B/4B-46-32 890-33/33-33 890-33/33-33-32 890-21/21-33-21
Polished Brass Ultra Coated Post & Head/Green Tape Satin Brass Clear Ultra Coated Post & Head/Dark Green Tape  Bronze Anodized Post & Head/Brown Tape with White Stripe
Black Post & Head/Black Tape
Black Post & Head/Black Tape with White Stripe
Red Post & Head/Black Tape with Red Stripe

889-1P/21 889-1S/23 889-21/33-21 889-23/33-23 889-33/33-32 889-73/36
Polished Chrome Post/Red Tape Satin Chrome Post/Blue Tape  Red Post/Black Tape with Red Stripe Blue Post/Black Tape with Blue Stripe Black Post/Black Tape with White Stripe Gray Hammertone Tape with Red Stripe.

889-2PC/29 889-2S/46 889-64/33 889-65/29 889-66/43 889-89/71
Polished Brass Ultra Coated Post/Dark Green Tape Satin Brass ultra Coated Post/Brown Tape  Silver Vein Post/Black Tape Gold Vein Post/Dark Green Tape Copper Vein Post/Maroon Tape Black Wrinkle Post/Light Blue Tape
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