Surface mounted TensaBarrier units are perfect for situations where you want a permanent but flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space. Used in a wide variety of settings, including airports, multiplex theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, and banks. They are a terrific solution when portable posts aren't appropriate.

Model 897HC High Capacity Wall Mounted Unit

Now with our patented SlowRetract™ technology! Spans up to 24 feet. 4 3/4" wide by 6" high. Weighs 3 1/4 lbs.

  • Model 897HC-33/21 - Black case/red tape
  • Model 897HC-33/33-32 - Black case/black tape with white stripe.
  • ** Alternate tape colors may also be specified at no additional charge.

MModel 897 Wall Mounted Unit

SlowRetract™ technology included! Handsomely styled wall mounted TensaBarrier® spans 15 feet. Unit case available in solid black, yellow & black, black and chrome, or black and red. 3 3/4'' wide by 5 3/4'' high. Weighs lb.

  • Model 897-1p-33/23 Black and chrome case/blue tape.
  • Model 897-21-33/21 Black and red case/red tape.
  • Model 897-33/33 Black case/black tape
  • Model 897-33/33-32 Black case, black tape with white stripe.
  • Model 897-35-33/35 Black & yellow case, yellow tape.

Model 898 Wall Receiver

Automatic locking feature, used to connect tape ends to a wall.

Model 893-BRK Breakaway System

Provides a panic breakaway in both directions.

Model 896 Wall Mounted Unit

For surface mounting, with SlowRetract tape cassette. Center tape exit is standard. Left or right exit on request. Spans 7' 6''. Mounting plate is 4 1/8" wide by 2 3/4'' high.

Model 896-CB Curved Back Unit

Same as 896 but designed to mount on a 2'' O.D. tube.

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