StowAway TensaBarrier is the perfect solution for your temporary crowd control needs, indoors or out.

Packed four posts to a bag, this compact, lightweight kit provides up to 50 feet of retractable tape.

Setup couldn't be easier. Simply rotate the legs to form an "X" and then screw the tube onto the base. To break them down for storage, simply do the reverse, and store the legs in the tube!

Now you can store TensaBarrier in nearly any place imaginable. Toss a bag or two into a storage closet, up on a shelf, even in the trunk of your can have a temporary crowd control solution at your disposal in minutes.

Perfect in any public setting such as shopping malls, retail stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, amusement parks, construction sites, airports...anywhere you need to setup crowd management fast.

StowAway posts are available as a 4-Pack with a free storage bag. Additional posts and bags sold separately.

Outdoor Use. These products are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

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StowAway 4-Pack Kit

Includes 4 posts and fee storage bag (covers up to 50 linear feet)




Storage Bag
SA1-35-4 PACK


4 ea. x 13' black and yellow striped

1 each Black

Posts and bags also sold individually

Model Tube Tape



13' black and yellow striped

black storage bag

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