Complete with universal top adapter
Reduces the number of IBC's needed to service a customer by 33%

Universal top adaptor allows for stacking and works with most portable tanks.

  • Leave the MOTHER TANK in place and set a portable tank on top, connect the interpiping system and open the valve. Remove the transport tank when empty.
  • Super sturdy, heavy duty steel cages protectively enclose industrial strength, chemical resistant polyethylene tanks.
  • Top Unit - Model No. TC-250
  • Bottom Unit - Model No. TC-550

Transporter tank placed on top of MOTHER TANK ready for connection to each other through our interpiping system

  No. TC-250 No. TC-350 No. TC-450 No. TC-550
Capacity 250 gallon 350 gallon 450 gallon 550 gallon
Size 45" Square 45" Square 45" Square 45" Square
Height 44" 56" 68" 80"
Weight 475 lbs. 495 lbs. 565 lbs. 635 lbs.
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