Ladies Labcoat, Style L700
During a spectacular pit fire at the 1994 German Grand Prix, Benneton driver Jos Verstappen - who was wearing a uniform of DuPont Nomex® aramid fiber - escaped with only minor burns after being engulfed in flames. Flame-resistant garments of Nomex® help protect workers across a broad cross of industries, as well as professional firefighters, race car drivers, U.S. military personnel and the NASA astronaut crew.

A powerful response to the threat of industrial flash fire is its line of GoldLeaf®, SilverLeaf® and BronzeLeaf® coveralls. Made with DuPont Nomex® IIIA aramid fibers, this unique material's molecular structure gives it flame resistance superior to other synthetics. It will not melt, burn, drip or support combustion in air. Our lightweight, breathable coveralls provide permanent protection that can't be washed out or worn off. They consistently outperform heavier weight chemically dependent fabrics.

Every day, fuel handlers, pipeline workers, off shore oil rig crews, plant operators and industrial workers - to name a few - are exposed to the hazards of flash fires. Wearing everyday clothing on the job can actually compound the potential for burn injury. Many of these injuries could be avoided or minimized if workers wore flame-resistant protective apparel. And there is no better flame-resistant protection that a pair of GoldLeaf®, SilverLeaf® or BronzeLeaf® coveralls made from DuPont Nomex® IIIA.

Superior Protection

The unique molecular structure of Nomex® IIIA imparts its superior flame resistance, its "built in" edge, over the other synthetic materials. Lakeland coveralls of Nomex® IIIA provide the valuable seconds of protection for escape and minimize the potential for burn injury from a flash fire. Nomex® is an inherently flame-resistant, high temperature fiber that won't melt or drip, burn or support combustion in air. This protection is permanent - it cannot be washed out or worn away. Nomex® IIIA consistently outperforms chemically dependent flame-resistant fabrics, even when a lighter weight fabric of Nomex® IIIA is compared to a heavier weight, chemically dependent fabric.

Superior Craftsmanship

GoldLeaf®, Silverleaf®, and BronzeLeaf® coveralls made from Nomex® IIIA provide the safety, comfort and durability that you need and are designed to be breathable and as lightweight as possible, keeping workers cool and productive in a variety of work environments. Coveralls are selected constantly to protect throughout the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric and gas utility industries.

Superior Durability

Coveralls made from Nomex® IIIA continually exhibit superior abrasion and tear resistance compared to 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blend garments. Also, Nomex® IIIA resists a broad range of chemicals and is highly resistant to most hydrocarbons and other organic solvents. These properties make it easier to clean Nomex® IIIA garments and to remove flammable contaminants without affecting garment life. Nomex® IIIA coveralls last 3 to 5 times longer than most other standard and protective fabrics. Industrial launderers estimate that the average wear life of Nomex® IIIA garments is 5 years and can be cycled at least 125 times!

Quik-Release Zippers, Elastic-backed Waist, and Cuffed Sleeves

Unique Quik-Release Zipper. A firm tug provides fast removal of garment should the need arise. Elastic-backed Waist. Bending, stretching and other rigorous movements are easy, with no pulling at garment seams. Cuffed Sleeves with End-snaps. Snaps provide tight fit around sleeves, keeping sparks and flames from intruding

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!, Flaps over Chest Pockets, Reinforced Hip Pockets

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! GoldLeaf coveralls feature seven in all. Two chest pockets, two hip pockets (snap closure on left hip pocket), two front pockets and a tool pocket. All ruggedly sewn and generous in size. Flaps over Chest Pockets. Heavy items stay where you put them, and won't drop out when bending over. Left chest pocket provides entry for pens or other clip-on tools. Concealed passthroughs at front pockets keeps sparks and flames from getting through to everyday clothing. Reinforced Hip Pockets. Prevents rip-outs from extra-heavy cargo loads.
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