How to Protect What's Up Your Sleeves

We know the importance of people's arms, and offer high-tech, proven line of protective sleeves to customers with confidence. Our wide-bodied DextraGard® sleeves provide superior cut resistance and flexible comfort to industrial and food industry applications, sheet metal, HVAC, pulp and paper mills and fish / meat processors. These sleeves offer less than 2% moisture absorption, so after laundering they maintain their neat, hygienic appearance longer than other sleeves. Their breathability, washability and economical cost-to-wear ratio make them a popular choice.

Ideal for Messy Applications Too!

Our link of black sleeves includes products ranging from 4" to 32" in length. They are available in various materials: e.g.. high-strength manmade fibers combined with a stainless steel core (like Grapolator® gloves); Thermbar® for excellent heat resistance, lightness and dexterity; and black Kevlar® fabrics. All of our black sleeves are ideal in situations where messy applications create unsightly residues.

Where good abrasion and cut resistance, thermal properties and durability are required, sleeves of Kevlar® are recommended. These sleeves come in standard 3" widths and wide-body 4-1/4" styles. The wide bodies are more comfortable for workers that need a larger width sleeve or when the wearer has large arms. The sleeves are also available as combinations of outer Kevlar® with inner cotton, affording the best protection and comfort at an economical price.

Kevlar® SleevesDextraGard® SleevesGrapolator® Sleeves

Kevlar® Sleeves

Style No. Description
4122 12" 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 3" width
4142 14" 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 3" width
4162 16" 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 3" width

Extra Wide Kevlar® Sleeves

Style No. Description
4122X 12" Extra Wide 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 4-1/4" width
4142X 14" Extra Wide 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 4-1/4" width
4162X 16" Extra Wide 100% Kevlar®, 2 ply Sleeves, 4-1/4" width

DextraGard® Sleeves

Style No. Description
9412 12" DextraGard®, 5-1/4" width
9414 14" DextraGard®, 5-1/4" width
9416 16" DextraGard®, 5-1/4" width
9418 18" DextraGard®, 5-1/4" width

Grapolator® Sleeves

Style No. Description
93-4737 10" Grapolator® sleeve, steel reinforced, 4" wide
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