More Versatile

Just as two heads are better than one, our special blends of two or more yarns provide superior protection in the workplace. Our Mocktwist® single ply yarn combines two different synthetic materials spun together, rugged Dupont Kevlar® and a cotton or nylon

Rugged, Affordable Comfort

These blends give a safety glove Kevlar®'s tough cut resistance and the flexible comfort and economies of cotton. The result is rugged, affordable comfort.

While none of the blended products provides 100% of the physical wear resistance of Kevlar®, there are many applications in which various blends, both mingled and plated types, are quite suitable, even preferred.

Special products for unique applications available upon request.

Blended Gloves

Style No. Description
2100 KNB Kevlar® Nylon Men's Glove
2110 KNB Kevlar® Nylon Ladies Glove

Mocktwist® Gloves

Style No. Description
26-381 Kevlar® Nylon Men's Glove
26-379 Kevlar® Nylon Ladies Glove

Plated Gloves

Style No. Description
26-328 Kevlar® Nylon Men's Glove
26-621 Kevlar® Nylon Ladies Glove
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