Safe Handling Of Sharp, Hot or Slippery Materials

We offer a broad selection of glove patterns and coatings for safe handling of certain sharp, hot or slippery materials, each to handle specific situations. Every Lakeland glove pattern and coating is designed to provide the best grip possible for a specific handling job. Our basic patterns include dot, palm coat, block, stripe, dotted fingers / palm coat, Grip PlusŪ and others available upon request.

A Variety of Patterns to Best Fit Your Needs

Our glove patterns are designed to provide the maximum grip tailored specifically to the job at hand. Our dot, block, stripe, palm coat, dotted fingers / palm coat, and the Grip PlusŪ, are used widely and effectively in industries such as sheet metal, glass handling, food processing, meat packing and automotive manufacturing. The patterns that are shown here represent our basic styles.

Multiple coatings to choose from!

Glove patterns are available in various coatings such as:

  • PVC
  • Specialty Compounds (Grip PlusŪ)
  • Nitrile
  • High Temperature Compounds
  • Coating Colors: brown, black, blue, green, rust, white and red. (Other colors available)

Glove Customers Love Our Logo Service!

Did you know that our in-house Graphics Art Department can silkscreen your logo on any protective gloves that you plan to order? Among the advantages are better inventory control, increased corporate visibility and greater employee morale. It's smart business to keep your corporate symbol "on hand" and easily affordable.

Blocks Dots Stripes Criss Cross

Grip Plus Dotted Fingers / Palm Coat Palm Coat
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