Comfort Quad
STOCK# Description Weight
CQT1616 16" x 16" mat 6.0 lbs.
CQTB16 16" Bevel Strip 1.0 lbs.
CQTC Corner Piece 0.5 lbs.
Colors: Black Tile (Corner pieces, bevel strips: Black, yellow)

Comfort Quad is a versatile multi-purpose rubber mat that adapts itself perfectly to use around machinery in factories, irregular proportions in kitchens or around bars.

Any wet area applications, grease-resistant rubber that stands up to machine tool cutting, fluids and similar industrial/commercial situations. Knob back adds to comfort while enhancing drainage.

Comfort Quad has an open interlocking lug on 4 sides, making it easy to assemble many components to fit your coverage requirements.

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