Cushion Classic All Purpose Matting
57160 36" x 36" mat 1 19 lbs.
56642 36" x 60" mat 1 30 lbs.
57162 3' bevel strip male 1 2 lbs.
57164 3' bevel strip female 1 2 lb.
56671 5' bevel strip male 1 3 lb.
56672 5' bevel strip female 1 3 lb.
56673 40" bevel strip male w/corner 1 2 lb.
56674 40" bevel strip female w/corner 1 2 lb.
Color: Black, "Safety Yellow" (corner pieces, bevel strips).

Available in 3' x 5' size in addition to 3' x 3' size.

Made of resilient grease-proof rubber that helps minimize the fatigue of long-standing...important in today's stress-conscious work place.

Surface texture helps prevent slipping while minimizing dirt trapping. Multi-nib back adds to comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness.

Built-in connector strip on one side of mat make it easy to add on mats for coverage of areas with regular proportions.

For coverage of areas with irregular proportions, connector strips, as well as bevels and corners are available.

Grease-resistant rubber stands up to machine tool cutting fluids and similar liquids found in industrial and commercial situations.

Bevel strips and corner pieces available in "safety yellow" as well as in black.

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