Unique Design Combines A Variety of Material Handling Capabilities With Spill Control


Safely double-stack drums to optimize valuable floor space.
Note: Only 55-gallon steel drums with equal height are permitted on the lower level.  Polyethylene drums may be placed on the upper level only.

  • Rugged polyethylene construction features a 6500-pound static load capacity.

  • Place SpillKing basins in strategic areas - drums can be easily rotated and replaced with the forkliftable deck.

  • Meets EPA and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations.

Ultra-DrumPallet can be purchased separately for use in a variety of applications. 

Drum Pallet Model Drum Pallet Only

Part #  no drain: 0801
Part #  with drain: 0802

Part # 3000801

51" x 51" x 17 1/2"

48 3/4" x 48 3/4" x 5 1/2"

Weight:  110 lbs.

Weight: 57 lbs.

Load Capacity:  6500 lbs. static

Load Capacity:  15000 lbs. static

Containment Capacity:

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