Our huge assortment of rope styles, fabrics, and colors allow designers the flexibility to blend with almost any interior concept they can imagine.

Our covered ropes start with a heavy cotton core for graceful draping, luxurious feel and superb durability (unlike the foam core others use). We cover it with the finest-quality fabrics - plush Velour, rich Naugahyde and classic Tweed - all in today's most popular palettes. Our Poly Hemp, Twisted Plastic and Braided Rayon ropes are wound extra tight and sealed at the ends to reduce wear and tear.

Our manufacturing staff will be happy to custom-cut your ropes to any length at no extra cost. Please give us measurements with rope ends attached.

For even greater design flexibility, we can cover our ropes with your custom fabric selection. Just supply us with a sample to obtain an assessment of workability and price.

Sometimes it helps to see an actual fabric up close. To examine rope swatches, ask us for a Rope Sample Card (Model RSC). Call our customer service department to order your samples.

Rope ends are beautifully finished to complement our broad line of Classic posts.  All of our rope ends are forged (not sand cast) for ultimate durability.  Using equipment specially designed to prevent pulling out and fraying, our rope ends are permanently attached at our factory.
Standard 1 1/2" dia. Model 540 Model 550 Model 5400
Light Duty 1" dia. Model 440 Model 450 Model 4400
Light Duty 3/4" dia. Model 240 -- Model 2400
Heavy Duty chain core
1 1/2" dia.
Model 740 Model 750 Model 7400
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