Lawrence Classic Posts and Ropes offer today's designers a wider pallet of finish and rope styles than ever before. Shown on this page are some of our designers favorite choices. But no matter what your motif calls for, Lawrence has the perfect post to fit your requirements.

How to order...Ropes and Ends

For each rope, you will need to order two rope ends. Choose an end and a metal finish to match your posts. The part number for rope ends is built from two basic components - the model and the metal finish. Therefore, to order snap ends (550) in polished chrome (1P), you would order: 550-1P

The part number for ropes is made up of three basic components - the rope model, the rope color, and the rope length. Therefore, to order a 1 1/2" velour rope (541) in royal blue (24), 6' 0'' long (06/0), you would order: 541-24-06/0.

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