We take pride in offering our customers the widest variety of metal finishes, ensuring just the right finish for any application and decor. The following photos illustrate our standard metal finishes.

We can powder coat most any product in the color of your choice. In addition to the standard finishes, you can pick among hundreds of other colors or choose a textured finish sure to get attention.

Sometimes it helps to see an actual finish or coating up close. To examine metal finishes ask us for a Metal Finish Chip Set (Model MFCS). To examine powder coats, ask us for a Powder Coating Sample Card (Model PCSC).

Brass or bronze with UltraCoat™ protective finish will retard tarnish and minimize maintenance. Maintain with paste wax and a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives or detergents to polish or clean. Uncoated Brass-in time, will tarnish. It can be returned to its original luster by occasional polishing with Duraglit.

  • Dura-1 1 can
  • Dura-6 6 can
  • Dura-12 12 can

Plated, Anodized and Painted Finishes are extremely durable and can be maintained by cleaning occasionally with a soft dry cloth.

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