Fixed and removable posts should be used in areas with established traffic patterns, and offer the advantage of increasing stability and minimizing floor space requirements. Both fixed and removable posts can be installed on carpeted or non-carpeted surfaces.

ADA & UFAS COMPLIANCE. All Model 320, 330 and 350 posts* comply with ADA/UFAS 4.4.1 regarding protruding objects.

Choose removable posts...
for areas where it may be necessary to occasionally remove the posts from their floor installation. Be sure to order our sturdy sockets and caps to ensure proper safety when the posts are removed.

Choose fixed posts...
for areas with established crowd control patterns

  • Model 320 Removable Post - Easily removed from installed floor socket. Height from floor is 37". Use Model 420 or 421 Socket and Cap.
  • Model 330 Fixed Post - For permanent installation. Complete with 5" flange. Height from floor is 37".
Finishes Model #320 Model #330
Polished Chrome Plated Steel 320-1P 330-1P
Satin Chrome Plated Steel 320-1S 330-1S
Polished Brass 320-2P 330-2P
Polished Brass UltraCoat 320-2P-C 330-2P-C
Satin Brass 320-2S 330-2S
Polished Stainless Steel 320-3P 330-3P
Satin Stainless Steel 320-3S 330-3S
English Antique Brass 320-6 330-6
Statuary Bronze Finish Brass 320-8 330-8
Pewter Nickel 320-11 330-11

Sockets accept Model 320 posts. Mount in either wood or concrete floors. Cap fits flush with surface for safe closure when post is removed. Solid brass, closed bottom. Specify floor type and order for carpeted or non-carpeted application.


Surface Installation
Satin Chrome 421-1S-S
Satin Brass 421-2S-S
English Antique 421-6S-S
Statuary Bronze 421-8-S
Pewter Nickel 421-11-S

Socket depth: 4 3/8". Other depths available. Complete with rounded edge carpet cover plate and cap. Wood screws supplied when wood floors are specified.

Model 420-1S Satin Chrome
Model 420-2S Satin Brass
Model 420-6 English Antique
Model 420-8 Statuary Bronze
Model 420-11 Pewter Nickel

Socket Depth: 4 3/8". Other depths available. When shipped for surface installation, flange is 5 1/4" with rounded edge. When shipped for flush installation, flange is 4 7/8" with machined edge. Complete with cap.

Model 421 (For Uncarpeted Floors)

The perfect combination of form and function. Constructed of handsome, durable stainless steel, these indoor/outdoor posts are completely weatherproof.

Dome shaped top with 1 1/8" thru hole accommodates welded chain or 1'' O.D. rope and secures it in place with a sturdy set screw.

  • #350-END-3S End Post
  • #350-CEN-3S Center post
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