MF-2436 2' by 3' 9.0 lbs.
MF-3660 3' by 5' 23.0 lbs.
MF-310 3' by 10' 45.0 lbs.
MF-320 3' by 20' 90.0 lbs.
Custom Sizes - available in lengths up to 75 lin. ft.
STOCK# SIZE Wt/Lin Ft (7/8")
MF-36 36" 4.5 lbs/ln ft.
MF-48 48" 6 lbs/ln ft.

The Multi-Flex combination of a performance rated polymeric top surface with a Multi-Flex sponge base provide the simplest and most effective way to reduce standing fatigue and stress.

This engineered top surface is extremely durable providing resistance to punctures from heels, cart traffic, tears and cuts. At the same time the surface remains soft and pliant allowing exceptional sensitivity to the Multi-Flex sponge base.

Multi-Flex is a super resilient poplymeric sponge base with staggering air channels that create a unique mulit-density surface. This encourages subtle weight shift and movement of leg and calf muscles which in turn promote blood flow, resulting in improved circulation and reduced fatigue.

Improving your circulation and muscle tone reduces the risk of developing varicose veins or increasing the severity of an existing condition. Remember that good circulation is the essence of a healthful life.

Mulit-Flex Anti-Fatigue mats are a full 7/8" thick, double the thickness of ordinary mats.

Three year, conditional non-prorated warranty insures against cracking or fracturing. Patent Pending.

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