Ultra VaporLock Eliminate Vapor Escape While Decanting Wastes

Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) typically evaporate into the atmosphere when waste chemicals are decanted into a drum or when the drum bung is left open. No longer. The Ultra-VaporLock Closure is specifically designed to trap those vapors and eliminate or significantly reduce fugitive emissions.

Specifications appear below.

Ultra VaporLock  Ultra VaporLock  Ultra-VaporLock
Unique zig-zag channeled surface diffuses splashing. Level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets and bottles to remain upright while draining passively.
with Fill Tube
no Fill Tube
Part# 0440 Part# 0444
35 1/2" x 1 3/4" O.D.
6" x 1 3/4" O.D.
Weight: 3 lbs. Weight: 1 lb.

Ultra-VaporLock helps meet EPA Closed Container Regulations. Optional polyethylene fill tube allows filling below liquid level, eliminating agitation and splashing which contribute significantly to the evaporation process.

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