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A quick, easy and inexpensive way to mark aisles and physical hazards. This highly visible, 6-mil pressure-sensitive vinyl tape is self-wound with a permanent adhesive, and is protected with an abrasion resistant clear laminate that resists oil, dirt and chemicals.

Colors conform to OSHA 1910.144 for marking requirements:

BLACK/YELLOW: Physical Hazards BLUE/WHITE: Defective Equipment Warning
RED/WHITE: Fire Protection Equipment GREEN/WHITE: Safety and First Aid
BLACK/WHITE: Housekeeping and Aisle Marking ORANGE/WHITE: Traffic and Caution Warning

MAGENTA/YELLOW: Radiation Hazards


Alternating Stripes

Cat No. Size
HT200- 2" x 18 yds.
HT202- 3" x 18 yds.
HT204- 4" x 18 yds.
HT206- 2" x 36 yds.
HT208- 3" x 36 yds.
HT210- 4" x 36 yds.

Checkerboard Pattern

Cat No. Size
T220- 2" x 18 yds.
HT222- 3" x 18 yds.
HT224- 4" x 18 yds.
HT226- 2" x 36 yds.
HT228- 3" x 36 yds.
HT230- 4" x 36 yds.
BY = Black/Yellow, RW = Red/White, BW = Black/White, MY = Magenta/Yellow, GW = Green/White, WB = White/Blue, OW = Orange/White.

To specify color, add color designation to catalog number, i.e. HT200BW or HT226RW. Also available in right diagonal stripes. To order stripe with radiation symbol, use SY.

Now available is our Alternating Striped Hazard Warning Tape without a laminate. This economical tape is available in 2", 3" or 4" in 18 yard lengths. Use Prefix HTE- when ordering. Economy tape is available in Black/Yellow, Black/White and Red/White only.
*Not for use with our Floor Tape Applicator.

Printed Hazard Warning Tape

Help prevent injuries with this self-adhesive vinyl printed tape. Rolls are 2" x 18 yards and are protected with a clear laminate.

Cat No. Legend Color
PHT-5 Caution Caution Caution Yellow
PHT-8 Caution Do Not Enter Yellow
PHT-50 Danger Do Not Enter Red
PHT-81 Caution Hazardous Material Area Yellow
PHT-82 Forklift Traffic Yellow
PHT-83 Caution Watch Your Step Yellow
PHT-84 Keep Aisle Clear Yellow

Floor Tape Applicator

  • Stable, stand alone design.

  • Holds up to a 4" x 60 yd. roll floor marking and a 4" x 50 yd. roll pavement marking tape.

  • Tape is applied quickly and easily with no awkward bending or stooping.

  • Large wheel base ensures smooth placement of tape every time!

  • Heavy duty construction stands up to years of constant use.

  • Minimum assembly required.

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