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Highly visible, tough, pressure-sensitive 5-mil vinyl tapes are perfect for: color coding, aisle marking, duct sealing, abrasion protection, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, decorating, light bundling, packaging, safety marking, etc. Available in 12 colors and clear. Please specify color. Example: For 5" x 36 yds. in dark blue, specify VM108-DB.

All of our vinyl, pressure-sensitive tapes can be custom slit from widths of 1/4" and up.


Colors Available:

Cat No. Size
VM100- 1" x 36 yds.
VM102- 2" x 36 yds.
VM104- 3" x 36 yds.
VM106- 4" x 36 yds.
VM108- 5" x 36 yds.
VM110- 6" x 36 yds.
VM120- 1" x 60 yds.
VM122- 2" x 60 yds.
VM124- 3" x 60 yds.
VM126- 4" x 60 yds.
VM128- 5" x 60 yds.
VM130- 6" x 60 yds.
RD - Red GY - Grey YL - Yellow OR - Orange
DG - Dark Green BR - Brown LG - Light Green WT - White
DB - Dark Blue BK - Black LB - Light Blue PU - Purple
Also Available in Clear

OSHA Color Requirements:

Fire Protection Equipment, Emergency Stop Controls and Existing  Danger Hazards.
Danger Points on Machinery.
Safety Equipment such as First Aid Kits and Eye-Wash/Shower Locations.

Warn Against Starting/Use of/Movement of Equipment  Being Worked On.
- Physical Hazards.

- X-Ray and Radiation Hazards.

Pressure-sensitive vinyl die-cut arrows and circles are great for aisle marking, inventory, color coding, and material identification, masking, package and box identification. Available in 12 colors plus clear. See available colors under Vinyl Plastic Tape.
A = Arrows and C = Circles

Cat No. Size
MC-6 1/2" x 1000/rl
MC-7 3/4" x 1000/rl
MA-1 or MC-1 1" x 1000/rl
MA-2 or MC-2 2" x 500/rl
MA-3 or MC-3 3" x 500/rl
MA-4 or MC-4 4" x 500/rl
MA-5 or MC-5 5" x 500/rl
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