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Extra-durable polypropylene tapes are long-lasting solutions for marking off-limit or hazardous areas and crowd control. Tensile strength is 100 lbs. for the 3/4" tape and 300 lbs. for the 2" tape. Available in solid colors, stripes, or printed with Caution or Danger legends. Custom printing available.

Cat No. Size
WB-1 3/4" x 150 ft.
WBSP-1 3/4" x 150 ft. w/spool*
WB-2 2" x 200 ft.
WB-3 2" x 150 ft.

Colors Available:
YB = yellow/black/yellow, WR = white/red/white,
YM = yellow/magenta/yellow, YR = yellow/red/yellow,
RB = red/black/red, YL = solid yellow, RD = solid red,
OR = solid orange.

Stock Legends Available: "Caution", printed on solid yellow (WB-2-05) and "Danger" printed on solid red (WB-2-49).

* To order tape with a spool, add color code as suffix to Catalog No. Ex: WBSP-1-RD

The Rewind Reel makes Barrier Tape even easier to reuse. Just attach the tape to a tree, post or barricade and dispense as needed. Hang reel with tape still attached to the last post. Simply roll it back up after the job is through. (For 2" tape only.)

  • Quick
  • Reusable
  • Easy
  • Lightweight
  • Labor Saving
  • Zinc-plated steel

Tape is also available mounted to the reel. Specify by adding tape color code as suffix to Reel Cat. No. Ex: WRR-01-RB.

Cat No.


WRR01 Rewind Reel

Our Woven Cotton Barrier Tape is composed of tightly woven cotton fibers available in a light weight strength. Custom printing available.




Stock Legends Available:
Solid Red printed with Black "Danger" and
Solid Yellow printed with Black "Caution" legend.

Cat No. Size Legend
WCL05-2 2" x 200' Caution
WCL49-2 2" x 200' Danger
WCL05-3 3" x 200' Caution
WCL49-3 3" x 200' Danger
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