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Showroom Displays

Boost your sales by choosing from the following point of purchase products:

Display Rack
Holds both 3" and 6" Barricade and Underground tape.
 4' x 6' rack is ideal for an end cap display.

Pony Pallet
Holds 144 rolls of Barricade Tape.
Four legends may be mixed per pallet.


Promote your company or an event. Order one of the following promotional items.

Custom Tape
Provide your own legend in any language.
 Minimum order quantity is only 6 rolls.

Private Label Tape
Choose any stock legend and have your company name, logo, address and phone number placed between the legends. Minimum order quantity is only 12 rolls.

Mini Rolls
These 1" x 25' mini rolls are great as "give aways".
Available in stock, custom or private label.
Looks just like the "big" rolls, only in miniature. Minimum quantity is 120 rolls.

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