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Warning Flags

Safety Banners

WF-1 Warning Flags are made from good quality Red Cotton Sheeting. 18" x 18" mounted on a 3/4" x 24" hardwood shaft.

WF-2 Warning Flags are made from a HEAVY DUTY Vinyl Coated Fluorescent Fire Orange Nylon. 18" x 18" mounted on a 3/4" x 24" hardwood shaft.

WF-3 Warning Flags are the same as the WF-2 except for a 3/4" x 30" hardwood shaft.

WF-4 are the same as the WF-2/WF-3 Flags except they come with a plastic stay.

Use our Oversize Load Banners for transporting or moving extra large equipment, loads, or mobile homes. Black imprint on traffic yellow. Brass grommets in four corners and in center. Made from PVC coated nylon with reinforced edges all around.

Cat No. Size
OL-1 6' x 18" high
OL-2 8' x 18" high

Paddle Signs

Tailgate and Hazard Flags

Bold 6" letters on 18" x 18" octagonal shaped paddle signs make them ideal for traffic control. Made from strong, yet lightweight, weatherproof material. Comes complete with 1" diameter varnished hardwood handle.

Specify STSL-3 (Stop on one side, Slow on other side) or STST-4 (Stop on BOTH sides).

Economical, durable, bright red polyethylene warning flags. Just nail or tie to overhanging load or wherever you want a fast, highly-visible warning of a potential hazard.

Each roll contains 1000 16" x 16" red flags, perforated for convenient dispensing. Order catalog number THF-1.


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