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The ANSI A13.1-1981 standard for marking recommends specific letter size and color field length for various pipe diameters. Our Electrical Markers, when used properly, meet or exceed that standard.

Cat No. Legend
Pipe Diameter
 3" or smaller*
(Outside Diameter)
Pipe Diameter
 3" or larger*
(Outside Diameter)
SE-1 EM-1 AC
SE-2 EM-2 Air Conditioning
SE-3 EM-3 DC
SE-4 EM-4 Emergency
SE-5 EM-5 Exit Lights
SE-6 EM-6 Fire Alarm
SE-7 EM-7 Heating Circuit
SE-8 EM-8 Light & Power
SE-9 EM-9 Lighting
SE-10 EM-10 Power
SE-11 EM-11 Single Phase
SE-12 EM-12 Three Phase
SE-13 EM-13 110 Volts
SE-14 EM-14 115 Volts
SE-15 EM-15 120 Volts
SE-16 EM-16 208 Volts
SE-17 EM-17 220 Volts
SE-18 EM-18 230 Volts
SE-19 EM-19 240 Volts
SE-20 EM-20 277 Volts
SE-21 EM-21 440 Volts
SE-22 EM-22 460 Volts
SE-23 EM-23 480 Volts
SE-24 EM-24 550 Volts
SE-25 EM-25 600 Volts
SE-26 EM-26 2200 Volts
SE-27 EM-27 2300 Volts
SE-28 EM-28 2400 Volts
SE-29 EM-29 4160 Volts
SE-30 EM-30 4800 Volts
SE-31 EM-31 6900 Volts

The background color for all the above is Orange.

Medical facilities must meet NFPA 56FG-1983 and CGA C-9 1982 requirements for marking compressed gas pipe systems with readily identifiable labeling.


Each of our 3" x 3" pressure-sensitive vinyl markers is laminated and color coded to conform to specifications. Designed to fit pipes up to 1" O.D. Markers come in rolls of 50.

Cat No. Legend Legend Color Background Color
MPM-01 Carbon Dioxide White Grey
MPM-02 Cyclopropane Black Orange
MPM-03 Helium White Brown
MPM-04 Medical Air Black Yellow
MPM-05 Medical Vacuum Black White
MPM-06 Nitrogen White Black
MPM-07 Nitrous Oxide White Blue
MPM-08 Oxygen White Green
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