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In order to promote greater safety in factories and plants, ANSI developed the A13.1-1981 standard, entitled ≥Scheme For The Identification of Piping Systems≤. This standard reduces the chances for error and confusion when working in or around pipes and ducts by identifying contents.

Our 6-mil vinyl pressure-sensitive pipe and electrical markers are an inexpensive way to mark pipes and conduits. A clear laminate protects against harsh plant conditions. Available in rolls 1" x 18 yards (SP-Series) and 2" x 18 yards (PM-Series), 72 markers per roll, perforated every 9 inches. Also available in a 6-1/2" x 30' marker with no perforation.



Color coding unmarked pipes reduces injuries, especially when outside assistance is needed in emergency situations.


Pressure-sensitive vinyl directional arrows are used to indicate flow direction of pipe contents. Colors are OSHA/ANSI approved for pipe and conduit marking. They can be applied alone or in combination with our pipe markers.


To specify color, add color code to catalog number from charts below.
(Example: DA-1-WB)



Color code:
White on Red WR
White on Green WG
White on Blue WB
Black on White BW
Black on Orange BO
Black on Yellow BY
Cat No. Size
DA-1 1" x 18 yds.
DA-2 2" x 18 yds.
DA-3 4" x 18 yds.
DA-4 1" x 36 yds.
DA-5 2" x 36 yds.
DA-6 4" x 36 yds.

Our 5-mil pressure-sensitive vinyl tapes provide a low cost way of color coding for pipe identification. Colors are OSHA/ANSI approved. Use tapes by themselves or in combination with our pipe markers.


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