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Proper labeling of all accumulations and shipments of hazardous waste by generators is required by DOT and EPA regulations. Satisfy compliance of the DOT Rule HM-181 with our Hazardous Waste Labels.

Our 6" x 6" exterior-grade labels are resistant to weather as well as underground environments (as required by EPA standards). Available in rolls of 100 and 500. For 100 quantity, suffix catalog number with 1. Ex. HW-02-1. For 500 quantity, suffix catalog number with 5.

CUSTOM LABELS - Have your Hazardous Waste Labels personalized by ordering our custom imprinted labels. Preprinted labels eliminate filling out the information by hand, paperwork snarls, chances of illegible handwriting and transposed numbers. Call for a quote.


OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 requires all employers to provide written information for their employees regarding hazardous chemicals used in the workplace. Our Material Safety Data Sheet Information Center enables you to meet your obligation economically. All your employees will have quick and easy access to the information they have a Right-To-Know.

  • Highly visible yellow 24" x 30" sturdy honey-comb plastic.
  • Prominent red MSDS sign identifies Information Center
  • Large Compartment to store one 3-ring binder for Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Smaller Compartment for related Right-To-Know Pamphlets.

    Also Available
    • 2" 3-ring binder to organize your Material Safety Data Sheets
    •  4" x 8 1/2" Employee Right-To-Know Pamphlets

Cat No. Product
MSDS-1 MSDS Information Center
MSDS-2 3-Ring Binder
MSDS-3 Right To Know Pamphlets
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