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Highly visible warning signs alert personnel to potential lead hazards. These 14" x 20" paper signs meet the new Federal OSHA 1926-62 ruling for job site safety. Available in both English and Spanish. Specify E for English and S for Spanish. Add as suffix to catalog number.

Cat No. Size Quantity Color
LHS-1 14" x 20" 100/Pkg Black on Yellow
LHS-2 14" x 20" 100/Pkg Black on Orange


These 3" x 5" Danger/Caution labels quickly alert the public to the presence of lead contaminants. Printed on pressure-sensitive paper for easy application, they come packaged 500 labels per roll.

Cat No. Size Quantity Color
LHL-1 3" x 5" 500/Roll Rd/Blk on White
LHL-2 3" x 5" 500/Roll Black on Yellow
LHL-3 3" x 5" 500/Roll Rd/Blk on White

Barricade Tape

Warn the public of possible lead contaminants with our non-adhesive 4-mil Barricade Tape. Stocked in 3" x 1000' rolls.


Cat No. Legend Color
BT-61 Caution Lead Hazard Black on Yellow
BT-62 Danger Lead Hazard Black on Red
BT-63 Danger Lead Removal, etc. Black on Red
BT-64 Warning Lead Work Area, etc. Black on Orange



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