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These inexpensive floor stands help alert people to a hazardous area. These 12" x 20" floor stands are printed with a different legend on both sides, inside and out, for multiple usage, easy storage and are reusable.

Cat No. Legend Color
KP-1 Side 1 -Danger Asbestos
Side 2 - Potential Asbestos Hazard Area
Red & Black on White
KP-2 Side 1 - Caution Wet Floor
Side 2 - Caution Slippery When Wet
Black on Yellow
KP-3 Side 1 - Caution Do Not Enter
Side 2 - Caution Keep Out
Black on Yellow
KP-4 Side 1 - Caution Men Working
Side 2 - Caution Hazardous Area
Black on Yellow
KP-5 Side 1 - Caution Wet Paint
Side 2 - Caution Watch Your Step
Black on Yellow
KP-7 Side 1 - Caution Men Working Above
Side 2 - Caution Men Working Below
Black on Yellow

Choose from the following standard legends in a .030 polystyrene material. Signs are flexible and resilient and are for both indoor or outdoor use. Other legends and material also available by special order. Please call for a quote.

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