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The same high quality tape as our Saf-Step black is now available in a wide range of colors and stripes. Use Color-Step solids and stripes to clearly identify various pathways and/or hazardous areas requiring non-slip tape. Also available with printed legends. Call for pricing and availability.

Also available in White and Clear

Cat. No. Size
ASC-1 1" x 60'
ASC-2 2" x 60'
ASC-3 4" x 60'
ASC-4 6" x 60'
Cat. No. Size
AST-2 2" x 60'
AST-3 3" x 60'

Carry your message on our 17" diameter Floor Decals. Adhesive backed decals are protected with a clear laminate overlay. Choose from 5 stock legends, or provide your own personal message of logo.

Provides a Safe Escape During: Black Outs - Fires - Earthquakes

Our Glow in the Dark Non-Slip Tape can help reduce panic and ultimately save lives by delineating a safely planned escape route when the lights go out.

Glow-Tred Solids
Cat No. Size
GT-1 1" x 60'
GT-2 2" x 60'
GT-3 3" x 60'
GT-4 4" x 60'
GT-6 6" x 60'
GT-8 8" x 60'
GT-12 12" x 60'
GT-18 18" x 60'
GT-24 24" x 60'
Glow-Tred Stripes
Cat No. Size
GTS-2 2" x 60'
GTS-4 4" x 60'
GTS-6 6" x 60'



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