For over 22 years, Standard TensaBarrier Posts have proven their stripes under the toughest conditions in airports, banks, theaters, stores, hotels...and have handled the pressure with style and grace.

With all of that experience, we've learned a thing or two about how to make a superior barrier. Things like our patented SlowRetract™ tape mechanism, to ensure that the tape retracts slowly and safely. And our automatic locking receivers, to prevent the tape from being accidentally released.

We even include a nylon grommet to prevent the tape from fraying, so that your tape will look fresh and sharp, year after year.

Model TGB with NoScuff™ black ABS base cover available with all metal finishes. Save money and prolong the beauty of your post. (NoScuff base is already standard on black posts)

Lifetime Limited Warranty. If a TensaGuide post ever fails to perform due to a defect in manufacturing, we will repair or replace it with the same or equal product. Tape cassette covered for 5 years. (Call for complete details)

Come Rain or Shine...we have a TensaBarrier for you! If you plan to use your TensaBarrier posts outdoors, order our Model 891 Standard posts, specifically made to withstand the elements.

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