For the ultimate crowd control solution, allow us to introduce you to T2. T2 provides an ingenious second retractable tape situated in the middle of the post. This patent-pending innovation turns the T2 into an incredibly effective visual and physical barrier and fully complies with ADA/UFAS regulation 4.4.1 too!

Are customers "cutting" in line, or "ducking under" your ordinary barriers? Get back control with T2.

Are children darting in and out of your line? T2Keeps them in line.

Do your visually impaired customers need some assistance navigating your queue? T2 will guide them.

Do you need to keep people away from restricted areas and valuable displays? Let T2 be your first line of defense.

Of course, T2 posts have all the advanced safety benefits, and are available in a wide assortment of metal finishes and tape colors.

Model TGB with NoScuff™ black ABS base cover available with all metal finishes. Save money and prolong the beauty of your post. (NoScuff base is already standard on black posts)

ADA & UFAS COMPLIANCE. TensaGuide posts comply with ADA/UFAS 4.4.1 regarding protruding objects.

Lifetime Limited Warranty. If a TensaGuide post ever fails to perform due to a defect in manufacturing, we will repair or replace it with the same or equal product. Tape cassette covered for 5 years. (Call for complete details)

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Available Metal Finishes

T2 Double-Tape (8T2)




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