Freedom Ultra-Lite Anti-Fatigue Matting
FUL3636B Black 36" x 36" 1/2" 15 lbs.
FUL3636R Red 36" x 36" 1/2" 15 lbs.

The 1/2" profile of Freedom Ultra-Lite reduces its weight and makes it easier to pick up and clean on a daily basis.

Freedom Ultra-Lite has built-in connectors on two sides, making it easy to link mats together for total area coverage

Resilient grease-resistant rubber helps reduce the fatigue caused by long standing.

Honeycomb surface helps prevent slips while maximizing dirt trapping.

Multi-bar back adds to comfort and improves drainage and cleanliness.

Grease-resistant rubber withstands machine tool cutting fluids and similar industrial/commercial environments.

A unique high-tech honeycomb design provides economy and easy of handling.

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